Liquid Beauty

About Liquid Beauty

Liquid Beauty was developed to create a highly professional medical grade service to our clients. Our holistic approach enables us to treat our clients as a whole, with tailored treatment plans customised specifically to your own requirements.


At Liquid Beauty, our approach to Aesthetics is very simple, it is a delicate and intricate art form that requires an eye for detail and a gentle hand. Our mantra is subtly enhancing ones own personal beauty allowing a refreshed and revitalised appearance to radiate through post treatment so that you to look and feel your very best.   

Since gaining her nursing degree in 2001, Yvonne has worked within the operating theatre environment and has specialised in plastics and aesthetics. Her passion for aesthetics grew while working alongside some of Melbourne's best plastic surgeons, and also running a plastics and aesthetics clinic.


Yvonne considers the Cosmetic injecting arena an expert art-form, combining new artistry and a high level of skill. The liquid Beauty experience will give you both. Our treatments are designed to enhance ones natural beauty and features while softening ones appearance for a refreshed, youthful look no matter the age of client.  

About Yvonne Fokianos